Solitaire App Reviews

257 add


Addictif !!!


too much advertisement !!! Too bad

Very good!

You enjoy a lot with this game.ex The only problem is the inicial ad but , it is the price to get free. I understand.

Really nice, but too much ads

The app is really nice, works well!

Too much adds

But it is easy and to play the game

Voll toll ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅





Perfect for a short break


Each game is fun.

Great fun

Daily challenges, customization, personalization, this game has got it all. Fun for everyone if youve only got a minute or if you have all night.


This version is the best one of the many versions Ive played. Very enjoyable. Gilbertg16

Pretty good with some glitches

Overall, not bad. The number of interruptions from ads is tolerable. The only complaint I have is that the game wont tell you when youve tapped out all available plays and will egg you on to keep playing the same cards over and over so you continue to play for no reason. Then you just end the game yourself because there are no further plays.

To many ads

Used to be enjoyable but the ads have wrecked the experience


Lots of fun


Excellent but very addictive game. The pop ups at the start of games are quite annoying. But overall it is quite challenging.


Would be much more interesting if there were fewer ads Fun to play. Just challenging enough


Great solitaire app, too many ads though.


Great game but the constant pop up ads are annoying

Where have all my trophies gone??

Loved this game until I lost all of my "winning games". I have been playing "the daily challenges" each day since the beginning of July 2016. Played daily and won my trophies each month. Went to play my daily challenge on Saturday October 22nd and noticed that all my "winning games" for the month had just disappeared! I tried to call up on the screen for September winnings and they had disappeared as well. I am very disappointed and have lost all my excitement for the game. Is there a way to retrieve all this information that has been lost?


iPhone 6S with iOS 10.1 - Too often now, the app will just go to a blank screen when I direct it to deal a new hand. This is very frustrating. I dont enjoy the game anymore because the only way to rectify the situation is to restart the app, but it quickly gets to the point where it does every new hand and then I just quit playing because who needs that?

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